Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wednesday 24 Dec 08 - Cindy


Scotty.A said...

I did this one today (Tuesday), got 14 with ring chins. Was hoping for 20, but these workouts are damn hard by yourself

I had my wallet nicked yesterday, do you realise how much of your life is in your wallet?!? Especially when everything else you own is in storage and your in a different town. No one will give you anything without proof of id, and in order to replace your id you need 100 points of id to prove your you!! Happy times!

Chris said...

Oh, that's a bit rough having your wallet nicked. Best of luck getting that sorted out.

Steve__m/25/171cm/73kg said...

that sux just at this time of year scotty..

cindy, one of the hardest(in the mind anyway) to keep the pace up the whole time
= 24 rounds + 5 pull ups

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

Sorry to hear about your wallet Scott - best of luck cancelling you cards etc.

Steve you are an animal.

I am hoping for 20 tomorrow and will bust out the 800's tonight.

Scotty.A said...

Yeah, very nasty Steve, I was doing sub 1min rounds for the first 5/6mins and right on track. But there is just no rest, you move to the next exercise so quick, it just destroys you!!

Good luck to those who have a go on Wednesday :)

Managed to get a new licence this morning :D that is going to make everything else a bit easier :)

Fi said...

Pick up the keys for the box tomorrow and then working at the RAAF till 5pm, see you after that for cindy?

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

yep Cindy at 5:30 PM

Chris said...

Turns out I couldn't join everyone at Brock Street as I'm playing designated driver/taxi man. So.....I just did Cindy at home with my dad keeping score, time, camera and holding a beer (bless him).

Got out 13 rounds and 3 pull ups. Did 15 push ups on round 8 instead of 10. I'm a muppet :P.

Dad took some moving vision of pullups, push ups and squats. Just need to work out how to post it.

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

Brett 18 + 2 Pull ups
Fi 17 flat
Errica 10 + 3 Pull Ups

Spewin I was aiming for 20rounds