Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday 16 Dec - Deadlift Burpee WOD

This is one of the WODs from the 2008 Crossfit games:

5 rounds

5 Deadlifts (125kg)
10 Burpees

check out the preview for the movie about the 08 Crossfit games:


Scotty.A said...

That link is cool!! I got goose bumps watching!! When is the movie released?

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

Unsure, did you check out the link I put up for you on Fi's site?

See you this evening.

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

Pain for breakfast!!!

I hate deadlifts!(because I suck at them and they scare the shit out of me.

11:40 (dudes winning the games beefed this out in under 5 mins)

Scotty.A said...

Yeah I did, thanks, haven't had time to check all 100 of them out yet!!

Scotty.A said...

Nice pic too Rik, was that one taken just after Fran? You jackass!