Sunday, January 31, 2010

CrossFit Townsville Saturday WOD

Coach Rutherford's Dumbbell Bear

(SXF's mascot)

Every minute on the minute perform 5 DB Deadlifts,5 DB Hang Power Cleans, 5 DB Thrusters.
Rest the remainder of the minute. If you fail to complete the required work in the minute do 5 burpees and rest the remainder of the minute before 'getting back on'.

Loading prescribed at 40-45% of BW

At Fit Solutions:

Dan:20kg DB 18 rounds
Rob:15kg DB 18 rounds
Rook: 12.5kg DB 16 or 17 rounds?
Chris:10kg DB 20 rounds
Mia:10 - 8kg DB 18 rounds
Reek:9kg DB 20 rounds
Annalise: 7kg DB 20 rounds
Robin: 6 kg DB 20 rounds


Glen: 10kg DB 20 rounds Koala style(didn't put DBs down) 6 reps in first round then 5 reps until round 14, 3 rounds at 6 reps again then 3 rounds at 7 reps.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Brett Drill

This is my ,soon to be famous, Brett Drill - hopefully it will improve double unders the world round.

This is me putting the drill to the test on OPT's "Flight Simulator" which is all the rage at SXF at the moment and has produced some exceptional dummy spits.(Language warning on the Dummy Spit vid - super funny though like old people on ice!)

The challenge is up, I did it in 12:38.

Thursday Couplet

Deads 5 x 5

Followed by a 10! Couplet of Front Squats from the deck and Knees to Elbows.

Chris 9:59(Rehab scaling)
Errica 16:07 (28kg)
Robin 17:43 (33kg)
Ella 18:30 (27kg)

Great Job by all.

I have pondering the programming question for a while now and basically I have whitled it down to two camps either a strength bias camp (where there is a strength bias component to every workout day and a met con component) or the single WOD a day camp.

I am leaning towards Strength Bias for my personal training sessions or experienced groups - where equipment permits, but toward single WOD programming (like CrossFit Brisbane or Main Page) for group classes.

I think there is a trade off going on here - In my opinion a strength bias is the most efficient training stimulus but on the other hand a group class creates an environment that encourages more intensity.

So I think both have there merits - Thoughts?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy WOD

In the CrossFit journal article - "you be the trainer" there is a virtual client who has lost her training mojo - aka can't be stuffed.

In one of the comments someone suggested they would give her her Happy WOD to her get her love for training back.

I have been sore and demotivated since the absolute caning I gave myself trying to keep up on Saturday so today I just finished my happy WOD : Heavy Deadlifts with plenty of rest :) what can I say, they are not that heavy yet and I do love the rest.

Errica's Happy WOD is Annie I think.

So basically your happy WOD is one you could do and would be happy to do any time anywhere.

What is your Happy WOD? (you can make one up)

Wednesday Presses

We did a prolonged warm up and then hit 5 x 5 presses before calling it a day this morning.

It looks like I will be on board with CrossFit Townsville as early as Monday February 1st so Robin, Chris and Errica we will be training out of fit solutions for about 8 weeks until the 'New Box' opens.

Dan has agree to continue the current rate of $10 a session until the new place opens.

I have done the programming for Feb and while there are some logistics challenges it should be a great month of WODs.

See you guys tomorrow morning.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleans and Dips

The girls had a big session this morning

Row 2k
Errica 9:07ish
Robin 9:23ish

Then 5 rounds for time
3 Cleans @approx35kg
3 Ring Dips

both did sub 4mins

I am going to try it tonight at 80 - 90 cleans and ring dips - as if my tris aren't shot enough after yesterday.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday Chaos

AM crew - Errica, Robin and Chris bombed into the CrossFit Townsville session at Fit Solutions are did almost the same workout we did on Friday.

Chris wowed everybody with his form and Robin was deadlifting as much as some of the boys.

In the PM we did a double WOD
WOD 1 was a favourite of mine 5 rounds of 300m row& 30 push ups that is brutal.
WOD two was after about 30mins break and was the first WOD from CrossFit Rocks open day but with 'flamo' jumps 28" rather than the prescribed 20" which made it harder for Steve and Glen.

Awesome afternoon of working out with Newy, Steve,Glen and Dan.

Monday back at BSF.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The morning team had a rest day so I did a session ran 3.2km in the five fingers - trying to get a little calf endurance going so I can run on Australia Day and represent the TMNT feet :)

In the arvo Craig,Chris and I attacked a Box Jump Situp WOD
5 rounds of 10 flamo jumps and 20 Abmat sit ups. we were between 6and 9 mins which was a bit short either make it a ten rounder, or keep it the same and use GHD sit ups or make it 10 Box Jumps, 20 Sit Ups & 30 DU for 5 rounds.

CrossFit Thuringowa(Dan Strickland and Rob Innes) is rebranding to CrossFit Townsville and as soon as they are up and running I will be working for them in the capacity of a Trainer.

I would like BSF people to come over with me and continue to get fitter and stronger but realise the cost may be a bit more than the 10 bucks a session we currently enjoy.

I have to be selfish on this one these guys are super professional and I can see them taking CrossFit in Townsville to the next level and I want in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Easy session

Still down to two with Robin away at Coffs Harbour(hitting CrossFit gyms in the area in the photo above).

We did some squat therapy then chased a heavy press chris matched his PB Errica was just off it.

Then we did 5 40m tyre drag sprints and 3 sets of max strict pull ups.

Planning on doing CrossFit Rocks WOD2 on Friday and resting tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We are back in action

Tuesday session was just Chris and Reek we did a bit of Back Squat work and clean up both back Squats considerably then hit the second CrossFit Rocks open day WOD:


Hang Power Cleans

Chris did 50kg HPC and reek 32.5kg

Chris finished in 11min 45s and Reek in 12min 03secs

Saturday Work out instead of Sunday at 3 PM it will be hot!! Glen?, Dan? Steve is in already :) I am pushing to make my Sundays a rest day from here on in.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

CrossFit Rocks Open Day

Check out the action (and hopefully results later today) at CrossFit Rocks website.

Basically it was two very doable WODs: 3 rounds of 15 Deadlift(80/60kg), 15 Box Jump & 15 Kettlebell swings.
The low box proved to be a hurdle for many as they were not getting full extension off the top. I would suggest a lot of blokes train on a 24 and usually just fall into hip and knee extension.

2nd WOD was 21-15-9 Hang Power Cleans(60/40) and Burpees. This was horrible!

Top 5 had a third WOD which was a volume ladder of DB Thrusters and Pull Ups. the male winner got through 13 - Drummond Williams from CrossFit Coastal. I think the female winner got 11 rounds Rach Vickers also from CrossFit Coastal.

Jeff did the day as Rx'd and Robin implemented a bit of scaling but went really hard.

Jeff had some dramas with his first judge but handled it with good sportsmanship which was awesome.

I was hoping for 6th place(because I am lazy and wasn't up for a 3rd WOD :) )

I think I got pretty close.

It was a great day very well organised ,cool workouts, great people and heaps of fun.

Hopefully we can see something similar for the official opening of CrossFit Thuringowa later this year.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whats in YOUR "food"?

There's some dodgy foods out there but they come with even dodgier labeling to entice peaple to come buy their product. The main point of this post was to bring up an issue with some fish oil brands and the contents of the capsules.

While there have never really been an issues with most brands, this has just started creeping in:

click on any of the images for a better look

Now, I dont know about you but I'm pretty sure 175mg + 70mg doesn't equal 300mg. So they claim there is 300mg of n-3 but there is only 245mg total of EPA/DHA, whats the rest?? Omega-3 oils such as flax seed or soy oil usually fill the gap, but these are totally inferior to EPA/DHA as explained in my fish n flax post.

Make sure your fish oil ingredients state that for a standard 1000mg capsule, with 300mg Omega-3, that the EPA/DHA break down is 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA, which actually equals 300 by the way...

On the way the the supp' section they had these out so I couldnt help myself:

"Sports Drinks". Main ingredients: sugar (two different types in the second one!, like beer/frustose), followed by flavours and colours. Some extremely small amount of vitamins and the end, surely that makes it worth drinking poison.

And then there's this:

Mid morning snack? Afternoon treat? Evening moment?

While I DONT think that man has never been to the moon or that the FBI planned JFK's assisnation, I'm begining to think that the food companies actually WANT us to get fat and sick.

Most of your food shouldnt have labels on it anyway, but when they do, read them carefully.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Homework for Monday

5 rounds
10 push ups
10 body rows
Run 200m

Remember to do all push ups chest to ground.

Make sure to stretch out those calves and roll out your ITBs.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thruster 60kg &Row

Today we did 10 Thrusters 100m row, 8 Thrusters 200m row, 6 Thrusters 300m row, 4 Thrusters 400m row and 2 Thrusters 500m row.

Not too bad so must have gone too slow:)

Brett 10:55
Jeff 10:41

This afternoon I am training with craig too.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pressing and Row racing :)

Warm up with push up stuff from Kstar's recent vid.

Press 5x5

Row 1km x3

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday workouts

Today we targeted squats which is a BSF Monday thing just like tomorrow is presses :)

We did a variant of OPTs tempo WOD we did 6 rounds of 10 Front or OH Squats with 1 sec up and 3 secs down supersetted with undergrasp chin ups 1 sec up 3 secs down.

This was much harder than it looks on paper.

Finished with 3 sets of 25 sit ups.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The future for BSF?

open gym ?

Given our limited equipment and space and my desire to have a very relaxed gym environment the open gym model that skip talks about would probably work really well.

It requires each person to be a little bit more independent but potentially allows for better growth.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Forefoot running

Really important point that I picked up at the CrossFit Endurance Cert was that when forefoot or midfoot running you must still kiss the ground with the heel to unload the calf and achilles tendon. Failure to do this leads to alot of tears in the calf group - I have had them, Robin's got one so we need to contact with the mid foot and then allow the heel to touch the ground before pushing off.

Sunday sesh - Errica's Birthday

session planned for Sunday:

Look for max push press double.

Dry plan is Cindy + 1 C&J @ 75% of 2RM in first round, 2 in 2nd round and so on until someone with a score of 11 rounds will have done 5 pull ups,10 push ups, 15 Squats and 11 C&J.

Wet plan is similar but with 5 OHS@40kg 10 dips 15 Ring rows (Feet elevated)and just clean no jerk due to the roof!

Both of the above are AMRAP 20.

Who is in?