Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wednesday 10 Dec 08 - Squat Muscle Up

I put off the C&J but will hopefully sneak them in today at some point.

100 Squats/2 MU
80 Squats/4 MU
60 Squats/6 MU
40 Squats/8 MU
20 Squats 10 MU

All Squats unbroken
MU were(2),(4),(5,1)(4,2,2),(3,2,2,1,1,1)

23:54 Rx'd

I am a casualty of muscle ups though!

I tried the salt mentioned in the look after your hands articles linked to CF Brisbane - Hurt like hell!


Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

Berry I snuck in a Lunch Time C&J workout.


So close on all the 80s then got the 75 barely so finished lighter.
Mixed up Push Jerk and Split Jerks

Steve__m/25/171cm/73kg said...

sooo close brett...
i'm wrecked after the last 4 days, did annie this morning
double unders
sit ups (on mat, arms over chest)
= 8:58
got a good 24 DU in a row today, wahoo

been a month since last rest so im taking this cycle off, but i'll still be there sunday, so let me know whats on.

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

No worries.(What about 3 WODs in a day?)

GHD Annie this afternoon in 14:47 30DU in a row in first set.

Smoked Errica's time to beat which was 20:20 from this morning.

Sunday will be the posted WOD from Friday or Saturday whichever catches my eye.