Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas morning fun - EVA!

5 rounds

30 KB swings
30 Pull ups


Scotty.A said...

Love the pics mate hahhaa

I'm going to give this a crack tomorrow, 21kgs for the swings and ring chins again. Should be great!!

I say that now, lets see what I'm saying while I'm suffering :D

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

Yeah I am not looking forward to Fran coming up because the only famous Fran I can think of is Drescher off the nanny!

2 hours till I run - 800m are a bit intimidating hopefully sub 3s.

Rik said...

Brett, you have got to stop putting pictures of your wife up on the site! It's embarrassing. HA HA

Today we did four rounds of 800 m sprints. Times were:

Brett: 2:57, 3:01, 3:12, 3:01
Rik: 3:20, 3:30, 3:55, 3:44
Simon: 2:22, 2:10, 2:20, 2:18

Thanks for your coaching Simon :)

Scotty.A said...

Arh! Simon is a freak!! That's awesome

So EVA beat me mentally, I chucked half way through the chins on round one, told myself to get to round 3 and it's all down hill from there, 3 rounds in 39:58, 200m into round 4 I just stopped, felt like I ran out of energy, or perhaps mental toughness. I was hoping to complete it under an hour, maybe next time

So that's my first Cindy and almost my first Eva out of the way :)

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

I reckon doing the WODs on your own is a big step toward 'the next level' of fitness as soon as you can do something hideous like eva on your own and finish it I'll bet you times are better across the board.

Scotty.A said...

Yup, I have to agree Brett. In a group session you don't want to stop and everyone suffers together. On your own and there is no one around it's all to easy to pull the pin. This is something I really want to work on, and now is the perfect time :)

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

Eva is evil.

Brett 55:58
Errica 55:45(20kg swing , jumping pull ups)

Pretty stoked I got that out in under an hour!

Really paced myself on the whole thing, Ran like a walrus the heat killed me(Reek slept in and I couldn't wake her on Xmas) we trained at 9 in the morning. Broke the swings up into 15,10,5 and all the pull ups were 5s or 6s.

Merry Xmas to everyone enjoy a big rest day tomorrow I know I will!

And thanks to everyone I have been luck enough to train with this year so far! Especially my wife.

Fi said...

I slept in im going to have to hit eva, once it cools down tonight, and after Christmas lunch :( . Wish me luck

Scotty.A said...

Thank you Brett, it's great to train with you, and all of CFNQ and BSF