Friday, February 27, 2009

Push Jerk Singles vid from this morning

Managed 70 and 80 with ugly push out of the catch so took weight down and tried to achieve lock out on landing.


Scotty.A said...

I really struggle on these, nice work mate

Scotty.A said...

Maybe Sundays WOD for you guys??

Taken from Doug's post CFB

Thanks to crossfit Coronado for this workout.

100 x Thrusters, 40kg
To begin the workout and at the top of every minute:
3 x Burpee's
3 x Knees to Elbows
You have the remainder of each minute to complete as many thrusters as possible. Continue until you have completed all 100 Thrusters.

Brett_M/30/181cm/88kg said...

That sounds effn cool!

Fi said...

We got to do the 100 pullup, burpee penalty workout first :)

Steve__m/25/171cm/73kg said...

JT = 12.13, or was i supposed to included measuring my post WOD meal with that as well brett, i forgot...!!
as rx'd, head/forhead to floor, not as much movement in those so it sped things up a bit

that WOD idea sounds great, have to give it a go one day