Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thurs 12 Feb 09 - Crossfit Strength Bias Day Two!

Warm Up


Deadlift one set 15-20 reps (chasing Failure somewhere between 15 and 20 reps)

Met Con

Short Shoulders and Run
3 rounds
1: 12 Strict Press/400m
2: 12 Push Press/400m
3: 12 Push Jerk/400m
Brett 50kg/Errica 20kg


Brett_M/30/181cm/88kg said...

90kg for 20 reps

10:50 for Metcon -supposed to be sub 10 but - Walrus running strikes again.

Reek did
30kg for 20

Scotty.A said...

How are you finding the CFSB's Brett?

Brett_M/30/181cm/88kg said...

I am loving it so far - Two days in :) - I am a bit raped already but the article says this would happen. It is just a cool concept IMHO.

Crossfit suggests work your weaknesses so this helps me attack an area I want to be better at, namely all the lifts, while maintaining Met Con. I enjoy the challenge of programming WODs to a desired duration eg, less than 10 or less than 15. I was trying to do that just a few weeks before the CFSB article because I am really down on slug it out WODs ATM. If I am getting 18 mins for a WOD that Firebreathers do sub 10mins then it is undoubtably because I am standing around feeling sorry for myself either waiting to catch my breath or to recover enough to pump out another single. I am trying to scale my WODs and Reeks so that we work continuously (Bodies in motion idea)

I also haven't much time for a 1 hour plus WOD that is only that way because I hit Muscular failure too early in the rep scheme 'cause I wanted to go rx'd.

I reckon these revelation manifest themselves best in the statement that a really good trainer can scale a WOD without losing the intensity and that is what I hope to get better at with time.

All in all I am loving CFSB and I plan to stick to it for at least 6 weeks(except two days next week on the Level Two where I will probably do whatever WOD is happening at CFX) so look out for CFSB Day 42 as a Blog title coming soon!

Awesome to see your scores on the 12midday slot at CFB everyday. You will be sculling tabasco with the best of them in no time!

I will keep posting the vids of my lifts chasing comments from form nazis.

Scotty.A said...

Good to hear. I was wondering if we will be seeing this sort of stuff at the next games, seems they have something special lined up this year.

A good point that Matt raised yesterday with the K2E is that it means exactly that, not knees to tri's or knees to wrists. Both movements are easier than K2E. He asked everyone to focus on the movement rather than the time. He said guys are ripping out great times, which is good, but the movement has to be correct and consistent, then you can stand by your score.

I thought this was a good point. You really can't stress enough about the magic in the movements. It really opened my eyes to scaling (like you said). Before I was always aiming for that RX'd weight, if no one questioned my form I just assumed it was OK, now I'm more focused on the completing the correct movement with correct form and building on that with weight that allows me to keep moving.

We did some technique work today, ring push ups, L sits, one leg squats (very very hard to do correctly) and triggers which was really good, the body is pretty sore so the rest day was welcome. Back into it tomorrow :-)