Thursday, January 21, 2010


The morning team had a rest day so I did a session ran 3.2km in the five fingers - trying to get a little calf endurance going so I can run on Australia Day and represent the TMNT feet :)

In the arvo Craig,Chris and I attacked a Box Jump Situp WOD
5 rounds of 10 flamo jumps and 20 Abmat sit ups. we were between 6and 9 mins which was a bit short either make it a ten rounder, or keep it the same and use GHD sit ups or make it 10 Box Jumps, 20 Sit Ups & 30 DU for 5 rounds.

CrossFit Thuringowa(Dan Strickland and Rob Innes) is rebranding to CrossFit Townsville and as soon as they are up and running I will be working for them in the capacity of a Trainer.

I would like BSF people to come over with me and continue to get fitter and stronger but realise the cost may be a bit more than the 10 bucks a session we currently enjoy.

I have to be selfish on this one these guys are super professional and I can see them taking CrossFit in Townsville to the next level and I want in.


Scotty.A said...

Good luck with the new venture Brett

robin said...

Hey Steve, I have another food related question for you :

I travel reasonably frequently with my work and more recently seem to be travelling to Crossfit Certifications and Competitions as well.

This can mean time spent at airports waiting for flights, time spent in the air and time spent at hotels attending Seminars and Conferences and Formal Dinners.

Eating Paleo friendly meals can sometimes be a challenge at these times with not many healthy choices on offer.

It seems that most conferences I attend provide lots of meal/snack breaks, but high starch white carbs are mainly offered like muffins, shortbread, cookies, scones and jam and cream, pasta rice dishes. Easy to feed the masses this way.
I usually get around this by saying I have a medical condition and require a gluten free diet, then you might get a salad or some fruit.

I usually eat Moorish Nuts if I fly Virgin or Jetstar, with Quantas you dont get a choice, seems to be a muffin or a cookie, and an apple sometimes. Again not many Paleo friendly choices offered.

So any ideas on the best way to travel, be away from normal home kitchen routine and eat paleo friendly, keep energy levels high and when at a conference, the best "brain food" to bring along to keep one alert and focussed on the guest speaker!