Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday workouts

Today we targeted squats which is a BSF Monday thing just like tomorrow is presses :)

We did a variant of OPTs tempo WOD we did 6 rounds of 10 Front or OH Squats with 1 sec up and 3 secs down supersetted with undergrasp chin ups 1 sec up 3 secs down.

This was much harder than it looks on paper.

Finished with 3 sets of 25 sit ups.

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Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Reek front squats at 19kg
pull ups red band
Robin Front squats at 25kg
pull ups blue band

abmat sit ups

Brett OHS at 40kg
Jeff OHS at 30kg

5 rounds of 5 dips/10 swings(24)
3:50J 3:54B

GHD sit ups