Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sunday sesh - Errica's Birthday

session planned for Sunday:

Look for max push press double.

Dry plan is Cindy + 1 C&J @ 75% of 2RM in first round, 2 in 2nd round and so on until someone with a score of 11 rounds will have done 5 pull ups,10 push ups, 15 Squats and 11 C&J.

Wet plan is similar but with 5 OHS@40kg 10 dips 15 Ring rows (Feet elevated)and just clean no jerk due to the roof!

Both of the above are AMRAP 20.

Who is in?


Scotty.A said...

If my lotto plans come off I'll be there with Birthday cake!!

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

its on, i'll be there.

glen_mcfarlane said...

See you there.

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

It is on then, Dan,Steve,Glen,Reek and I.

Full house!

Now will it be Wet or Dry?

Scotty.A said...

Happy Birthday Errica :)

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Big WOD!

We ended up with 1RMs for Push Press

Dan. 95kg
Brett 90kg
Steve 80kg
Glen. 65kg
Rica. 40kg

Dan. 73kg - 9 rounds + 6 Squats
Brett 70kg - 8 rounds
Steve 60kg - 9 rounds
Glen 48kg - 10 rounds
Rica. 30kg - 7 rounds

Pretty tough!

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Oops Matts Birthday WOD was only Powercleans - at 85kg!!!