Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy WOD

In the CrossFit journal article - "you be the trainer" there is a virtual client who has lost her training mojo - aka can't be stuffed.

In one of the comments someone suggested they would give her her Happy WOD to her get her love for training back.

I have been sore and demotivated since the absolute caning I gave myself trying to keep up on Saturday so today I just finished my happy WOD : Heavy Deadlifts with plenty of rest :) what can I say, they are not that heavy yet and I do love the rest.

Errica's Happy WOD is Annie I think.

So basically your happy WOD is one you could do and would be happy to do any time anywhere.

What is your Happy WOD? (you can make one up)


robin said...

My happy wod would be something with plenty of variety to keep things interesting, no time to get bored and would probably include time on the rower because thats something I can do reasonably well, for about 300 metres anyway :) or a very short run :)and include some weight, maybe deads or push press that I could just do, not over think the movement too much. Maybe sit ups too because sitting down is like a little rest.

But I would also like some other happy people around doing their happy wods too.

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

post-WOD meal :)

MickB said...

Mine would be heavy (for me) deads too, I get an awesome rush and sense of achievement after finishing a heavy set of 5

Brett_M/31/181cm/85kg said...

Come on Berry you know you like anything where the weight isn't too heavy :)

I am with you Mick I was telling Errica that if I could pull 200 off the floor for 5 reps I would die a happy man - only 60 to go.

Scotty.A said...

Rachel = 'The Rachel' of course :)

Mine = I'm not sure. I know I hate EVA!! As for a Happy WOD, they are all happy for me :)