Friday, January 8, 2010

Homework for Monday

5 rounds
10 push ups
10 body rows
Run 200m

Remember to do all push ups chest to ground.

Make sure to stretch out those calves and roll out your ITBs.


robin said...

Ella-Rose and I did this this morning :
Ella-Rose : 20 min warmup run from Annandale via Rosslea Bridge to Sherrife Park.
Robin : jog around circle inner circle track x 3

Our warm up : lunges spidermans bear walks shoulder stretches etc.,

wod time : Ella : 9.50
Robin : 10.18

Did the 200m runs in bare feet on the grass, knees calves and ankles all good.

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...


Great effort Kosicks.

See you on Wed Robin.

robin said...

Yes, se you Wednesday. I see you have been busy fitting in some wods across Brisbane and beyond so you will know where I can do a wod on Wednesday, around 6pm!

glen_mcfarlane said...

Asked for an extension until Wednesday. Run round the block with the dog warm up, double under practice and moderate front squat prac. Homework set in 7:28.

robin said...

Went to the midday sesh at CFB today. It's a little more relaxed than the 5 and 6am sessions and a few less firebreathers!

Did the same wod we did last week was it? (time flies it doesn't have to have fun to be fun):

Find 1 max rep
Then :
I did 1 rep @48
10 @ 35kg
1 @ 45kg
20 @ 30kg
1 @ 42kg
30 @20kg
as per Brett's instructions

I was up to the 20 reps @ 30kg when I realised the others were doing it differently, that is end up with the 1 rep max before the final 30 reps.
I dont think it matters which way you do it but maybe using the biggest contrast going from heaviest to lightest 30 reps helps complete those final 30 unbroken.

On Danny's advice, did the final 30 reps with 20kg to work on more flexion in the ankles which will help keep chest up so it was easy to do them unbroken.

Still a "fun" wod!