Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday Chaos

AM crew - Errica, Robin and Chris bombed into the CrossFit Townsville session at Fit Solutions are did almost the same workout we did on Friday.

Chris wowed everybody with his form and Robin was deadlifting as much as some of the boys.

In the PM we did a double WOD
WOD 1 was a favourite of mine 5 rounds of 300m row& 30 push ups that is brutal.
WOD two was after about 30mins break and was the first WOD from CrossFit Rocks open day but with 'flamo' jumps 28" rather than the prescribed 20" which made it harder for Steve and Glen.

Awesome afternoon of working out with Newy, Steve,Glen and Dan.

Monday back at BSF.


Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

great session guys, im hurting a bit today though.

going to have to give me some time on the posts, just got my pc back and have a few things that need doing asap.
thanks all

Brett_M/31/181cm/85kg said...

Me too mate my chest and tris are shot!