Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Couplet

Deads 5 x 5

Followed by a 10! Couplet of Front Squats from the deck and Knees to Elbows.

Chris 9:59(Rehab scaling)
Errica 16:07 (28kg)
Robin 17:43 (33kg)
Ella 18:30 (27kg)

Great Job by all.

I have pondering the programming question for a while now and basically I have whitled it down to two camps either a strength bias camp (where there is a strength bias component to every workout day and a met con component) or the single WOD a day camp.

I am leaning towards Strength Bias for my personal training sessions or experienced groups - where equipment permits, but toward single WOD programming (like CrossFit Brisbane or Main Page) for group classes.

I think there is a trade off going on here - In my opinion a strength bias is the most efficient training stimulus but on the other hand a group class creates an environment that encourages more intensity.

So I think both have there merits - Thoughts?


robin said...

I like a short strength component then a wod. In the short time I have been doing strength stuff more consistently I am feeling much stromger and maintaining technique more, or said the other way around, loosing technique on less often.

But too much strength stuff for too long would be over doing it for me and risk an injury.

I like a short wod after because its a change of pace back to more intensity, and somehow it doesnt't feel the same without a wod.

"A Claytons Wod : A wod when your are not really having a wod" ( for those who remember the Claytons drink adds on TV) leaves you feeling a bit like you haven't finished something.

I like the intensity you get from big group sessions but its hard to keep up with the fire breathers. I would have to resist wanting to scale those sessions more than I really need to in fear of being 5mins behind everyone else.

Brett_M/31/181cm/85kg said...

I have been thinking on this heaps and basically I think the heirarchy of effectiveness is this:
1. A component like group class where the group helps provide the intensity stimulus and the science has locked in the appropriate physiological stimulus.

This is hard to pull off logistically from both a time availalbe and equipment perspective, I think Rosco at Crossfit Crew seems to be making it work and OPT in Canada was probably the first to kick it off.

2. Tie. Either get a WOD you are convinced will be beneficial to you ie.
3 sets of 5 at 85%1RM(strength) followed by 2 sets of max double unders(skill) and then a short couplet(met con).


Rock up to a class that you trust the programming at and unleash trying to keep up or beat the people you usually train with.
I personally think the second one is more fun and that many people 'nerd out ' on the first one before they have given the second a chance to really show some results.

Scotty.A said...

Hrrmm, tough question Brett. My first response was Strength then Metcon, but I think you're right with option 2b

robin said...

I meant FIFTEEN minutes behind everyone else.