Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whats in YOUR "food"?

There's some dodgy foods out there but they come with even dodgier labeling to entice peaple to come buy their product. The main point of this post was to bring up an issue with some fish oil brands and the contents of the capsules.

While there have never really been an issues with most brands, this has just started creeping in:

click on any of the images for a better look

Now, I dont know about you but I'm pretty sure 175mg + 70mg doesn't equal 300mg. So they claim there is 300mg of n-3 but there is only 245mg total of EPA/DHA, whats the rest?? Omega-3 oils such as flax seed or soy oil usually fill the gap, but these are totally inferior to EPA/DHA as explained in my fish n flax post.

Make sure your fish oil ingredients state that for a standard 1000mg capsule, with 300mg Omega-3, that the EPA/DHA break down is 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA, which actually equals 300 by the way...

On the way the the supp' section they had these out so I couldnt help myself:

"Sports Drinks". Main ingredients: sugar (two different types in the second one!, like beer/frustose), followed by flavours and colours. Some extremely small amount of vitamins and the end, surely that makes it worth drinking poison.

And then there's this:

Mid morning snack? Afternoon treat? Evening moment?

While I DONT think that man has never been to the moon or that the FBI planned JFK's assisnation, I'm begining to think that the food companies actually WANT us to get fat and sick.

Most of your food shouldnt have labels on it anyway, but when they do, read them carefully.


Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Thanks Steve.

Quick update - Friday morning did 4x500 row ,Sat did a Total both at CrossFit Brisbane. Did a second WOD on fri at CrossFit Arena.

Spent yesterday resting at wet and wild.

Today we are off to CrossFit Gold Coast.

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

hey brett, sounds cool, have fun.

Chris said...

Very interesting read there Steve.

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

hey scotty, just got that email from brett with the references on it you sent him (slack bastard, going on holidays..)
give me a few days to comment, pretty busy at the moment.

Scotty.A said...

Thanks Steve :)