Sunday, January 3, 2010

The future for BSF?

open gym ?

Given our limited equipment and space and my desire to have a very relaxed gym environment the open gym model that skip talks about would probably work really well.

It requires each person to be a little bit more independent but potentially allows for better growth.



robin said...

How old is that Guy? If he can have a Crossfit Affiliate,I want one too!

I think the option for a group wod, a one-on-one session if and when needed, and some time to go practise stuff or maybe row 5ks or sometime would be good. In other words, cover all options, so long as the community spirit/atmosphere remains..

I havent watched the whole video, but what about insurance, workplace health and safety stuff, policing of rules etc.?

Scotty.A said...

Personally I like the idea. However, when you have an open gym you need someone there all the time. Unless you have set open times from like 5am-8am, 4pm-9pm??

Both systems have their merits.

But like I said, I like the open Gym model, and I'm surprised more places don't offer it. Like Skip says, life doesn't always allow for 6am training and I've missed training sessions before because life has gotten in the way where I cold have trained at another time but the box wasn't open.

My 2cs worth :)

robin said...

Muscle and Fitness is open 24/7 now, and quite popular, especially with shift workers, truck drivers chefs and hotel staff

I thought some crossfit gyms were planning to go open gym, or already are? (In Australia)

If you were paying for at at least one Manager/Trainer present all the time you would need to make sure you had the numbers to cover costs, but I dont think you'd have to worry about that.

I have often want to go practise/do extra and have had to go to a "globo" gym which means I have paid to be in two places.