Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Presses

We did a prolonged warm up and then hit 5 x 5 presses before calling it a day this morning.

It looks like I will be on board with CrossFit Townsville as early as Monday February 1st so Robin, Chris and Errica we will be training out of fit solutions for about 8 weeks until the 'New Box' opens.

Dan has agree to continue the current rate of $10 a session until the new place opens.

I have done the programming for Feb and while there are some logistics challenges it should be a great month of WODs.

See you guys tomorrow morning.


Scotty.A said...

Nice work mate, soo that's it for Uni?

Brett_M/31/181cm/85kg said...

Yep I need to give 4 weeks notice and I told the boss today that I planned on being full time trainer again by 1 April 2010.

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

thats awesome brett, so is BSF being de-comissioned already?