Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wed morning Fun

Warmed up with 800m in 4 mins, Catalyst Athletics Dynamic ROM warm up, 800 in 3:22

Then procrastinated setting up for Cindy!

Did Cindy and got 19 rounds and 3 pull ups.

Then worked Push Jerk finishing with two singles at 80kg.

All in all a good morning!


Scotty.A said...

19 rounds!! awesome mate

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Yeah I am pleased but you know i wanted an even 20!

Berry has 26 under his belt !

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

good one brett, actually its only 25...

dynamic cindy today:
5 C2B Pull ups
10 Clap Push ups
15 Box jump 24"
amrap 20 min
= 11 rnds + 5 C2B & 3 clap push ups
Clap push ups were the killer, short cycle time made them (and the box jumps) real hard real quick.

no luck trying to post brett, my home email is

Scotty.A said...

Good post on dutch's site about his training. I think I like the way both you and he incorprates a few different things into the session other than just "OK, todays WOD is Fran, and that's what I'm doing"

I've adopted this approach with one of my clients at the moment. We do strength first up for around 20-25min, and then a WOD that will take no more than 20mins, he loves it.

When I go back into the ADF and don't have ready access to CFB/CFNQ/Brock St Fitness, I plan on using this same system on myself, perhaps even just following your WOD's Brett, I think your seeing some pretty good results.

Have a crack at the CFB WOD for yesterday. I couldn't do the V ups, hammies wouldn't let me, so I did a H sit ups, same as a V but with knees bent and touching the heals. I did a sub 9min, which is quicker than my Annie time!! Word is that Matt had programmed K2E instead of the V ups!!! Danny changed it...Phew!!