Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feet are torched!

ran for 45 mins in five fingers on cross country track and my feet are telling me about it! Too big a jump from 800m to 7km(dumbass) or the plus side everything except the underside of my feet still feels fine.

30 MU for time 9:01 no PB but not bad. - Something to chase Steve.

Gear is ready and waiting for you.


Graeme_M/30/1.78m/100kg said...

the cross country track wouldn't have helped either, well too much...
The volleys got 2 x 400m outtings today in the warm up, felt pretty good, just need to keep thinking about not doing the normal heel strike then onto toes...

Did you see Berry in the paper today???

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Yeah cheesy photo Berry!

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

Hey Fforde dont you start about cheesy grins in the newspaper, you've had youre fair share...

Was really looking for a PB today on MU's, couldnt deliver, though pulling those few lazy ones that i missed then put the movement back in my head would have got me over easily. +30 sec, not really worse anyway.

post to follow on hormonal milk, damn WOD interupted...

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

Milky Way:

Hormones in milk represent one of the few problems associated with dairy, not just lactose intolerance. A few survive the pasteurization and homogenization procedures and are accompanied by other components that prevents breakdown and maximizes uptake. Estrogen is one and its particular form in cows milk, estrone sulphate, has a high bioavailability.
Individuals with a high sensativity, on the pill, or naturally high levels of estrogen may be susceptable to side effects of increases circulating estrogen (which then gets absorbed and recycled), mainly being PMS. It is also associated with ovarian/breast cancer as it stimulates cell proliforation.
While not everyone is going to see these effects, it is a good observational point if nothing else in your diet has changed apart from dairy consumption and there are hormonal changes.

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

New Blood:

The blood type diet came about from nautropathy (which has its roots in vegetarianism) and holds the theory that lectins (markers) on foods and body cells react differently depending on the lectins of your blood type. So a type O may react to a certain food while a blood type A may not.
The general groups are type O: the hunter, basically a paleo diet of any meats, vege, no dairy or grains.
Type A: The cultivator: poultry, avoid red meats and certain seafoods, can have most grains.
Type B: grains, some meats, mainly poultry, some seafoods, milk and dairy
This assumes that these blood types evolved around those changes in our diet. We only started using agriculture as a main source of food around 10,000 yrs ago and milk 7-9,000 yrs ago depending on source (and geographical location). I found it hard to believe with current evidence that blood types evolved over this EXTREMELY short amount of time, considering our genome has been evolving for 1.5-3 million years.
Some arguable changes such as increased salivary amylase production (to break down carbs) or lactase production are very small changes and represent a FUNCTIONAL change not a STRUCTURAL change such as cell lectins.
Blood type diet MAY help very sensative indiviuals with autoimmune condtions (though my first reaction would be nightshades,gluten,dairy..) but mostly comes down to common problems with epidemiology: The blood type diet followed strictly (and other 'healthy living' advice provided) is probably better than the diet the patient is currently on thus looks like it is solving the problems; looking at what was inlcuded and not what was excluded.
I did some prac with the naturopath involved and she swears by it, she also advises against anything processed, wheat, and anything else she tests for (as any naturopath would/should). This sounds mildy familier on a paleo diet that we have all evolved on anyway.
What was the patient in questions diet like before hand, any medical problems, how long has she been following it and has she noticed any changes in any health aspect, be it good or bad. This needs to be a self eveluation on how her body goes on the diet, then work out why or which aspects are actually promoting positive changes.
As you said Brett, diet is just something you have to play with to see what suits you and your goals best.

Scotty.A said...

Good posts Steve, cheers :)

A weekend of moving and cleaning for time...that should be in games, I'm shagged!

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Awesome Post Steve thanks Mate.

You can email posts direct I will set it up and email you the how to.

Rik said...

Thanks for all the info Steve
Cheers ;)