Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cookie Cutter Program

Crossfit is a cookie cutter program - by definition a Cookie Cutter program is the same for everyone regardless of individual differences or circumstance.

The reason Crossfit is a CCP is because it is training everyone to increase their work capacity across broad time and modal domains by was of using functional movements carried out at high intensity.

So for crossfit to be accepted by someone it is first paramount that they see the goal of crossfit as their goal instead of just reducing body fat or looking better.

My contention is this, that individual modification of Crossfit is possible to achieve what individuals want whether it is strength predominantly or cardio performance. The likes of Crossfit Strength Bias will probably not facilitate an even improvement in all elements of fitness but will still facilitate an increase in all elements with a bias to strength improvement, there is always a trade off.

As Trainers it should be remembered that everyones goals are different and it is rare that someone is going to have goals that align perfectly to those of Crossfit(exceptions being Military/LEO and Athletes in a GPP phase of their periodisation. Some people want to lose weight(Crossfit with a bias to longer Metcons and a focus on diet), some people want to be stronger(CFSB or Rutmans MEBB), some want to be faster at running for an upcoming fun run(CF supplementing a roadrunners type program).

Everyone is different

This morning was largish - warmed up with a 500m row, 800m run and about 100 DU but not unbroken.

3 sets of 5 Front Squats at 80kg which is about 85% of current 1 RM (fith reps were all struggles)

5 rounds of 30 GHD Sit Ups/25 Hip Extensions in 18:30ish not a PB

Ran to work in the volleys - approx 5km at 6 min kms but the longest distance i have covered in these shoes yet and no injuries touch wood!


Scotty.A said...

Good read mate!

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

mmmmmm cookies, uh, one burpee..... two burpees.....

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

100 burpees per cookie!

Check out Dutch's blog for an alternative(hater?) perspective on the games - I love the thought provoking nature of different perspectives.

Graeme_M/30/1.78m/100kg said...

hey, how did you guys find out about my secret performance enhancers, hmmmm cookie's.. :p

there will always be different opinions(hater?) on Games, and the way it was scored, the WODs, the rest time between events, etc etc...with all the usual trash talk and what if's that everyone seems to be posting on the message board....

Scotty.A said...

Oh, that's interesting, what did he place again? I wonder if he place differently would the same post appear?

Sour grapes?


Although, as one of the comments mentioned, crossfitters are advised to only do 1 WOD per day. Maybe he is right and HQ got it wrong and went a bit overboard with 8 WOD's in two days? Hence the injury list on day two.

Personally I didn't like the stake drive WOD. Someone that has used a hammer before over someone that hasn't will have an advantage, regardless of fitness. Strangly enough, the guy that took that WOD out said he swings a hammer 6 days a week.


Graeme_M/30/1.78m/100kg said...

Dutch finished in 73 from 74 entries, and was cut after the Deadlift WOD.

I thought the 1 WOD per day was due the required 'intensity' most peoples body wouldn't be able to tolerate this day in, day out.
The 8 WOD's over 2 days possibly was done to show that the CF athlete's were working thru the 3 energy systems, with various movements, and infact so the winner then can lay claim to 'fittest man/women in the world'.

I think the Stake drive WOD, was a good idea since the stake drive was book ended by a 500m row, so if you when hard on the row and didn't have a good GPP base you'd be in struggle town when it come to driving the stake in, since swinging a sledge hammer really does gas you quickly, depending on it's weight, plus trying to hit a small target repeatedly with forced when you are gassed shows who went trained over a broad area of skills. since hitting a tyre repeatedly is some what easy since it is large and the tyre provides some help with the return swing.

The Top 10 were within about 45 seconds of each other and i'd hazard that Tommy H, was/is the only guy who swings a hammer 6 days a week as a job.

Scotty.A said...

He probably was the only guy that swings a hammer for a living and I doubt that this event was the deciding factor of the 45secs over the top 10. All I'm saying is that it takes a required skill set to swing a hammer and hit a small target, repeatedly, for time. So, if this is the sort of WOD we can expect at the games, what other 'labourer' type duties should we be training for? Moving a full borrow of wet cement over an uneven course/up hill/ over a small plank for time? Why not bring in a swimming event? Swim/KB swings/OH squats for example? Or cross country sking, rock climbing or mountain biking. Plently of other directions they could have gone.

Just my opinion anyways.

Scotty.A said...

Hey Brett, do you have any experience or heard any reports on the rubber weight plates that kettlebells Aus sell?

Cheap, $75 for 25kgs

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

I don't think Dutch is a sour grapes kinda guy, he is a thinker and I think it is too easy to get caught up in a Crossfit zealot mind set that is not productive to getting best gains.

I like the row hammer row WOD but there are some excellent comments on Dutchs blog about how some of the games WODs could have been modified.

Scotty I don't know that they are bumpers.

Check out for a full set of Garage Gym Bumpers at only 800 preorder, I have read good things about the G2 bumpers.

I would love a 20 and a 15 pendlay bar that rick now stocks at though!

Scotty.A said...

^^ These one's aren't bumpers? Bugger, I knew they were to cheap to be true :( Bumpers seem so damn expensive :(

The gym and fitness plates look pretty much like the Hart ones. I was having a chat to Jarrod today about them and they aren't to happy with them. Usually failing at the collar of the plate. Might save up some pennies and give the gym and fitness ones a go. Cheers mate

Re-did the 30MU for time today, 9.56, happy with under 10, but man they felt so much harder than the last time we did them.

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Awesome 30 MU time Scott!

What was your pacing strategy and did the class run the same as last time?

Scotty.A said...

Yup, class ran the same as last time. I was up second and the guy before me pretty much did one every 10 seconds. Tuff act to follow. I started out with two every 20secs, but that didn't last long so it was down to ones. Overall I think I missed about 5-8 MU's. May have been a bit tired from work?? Not sure, but it was pretty tuff going and in my mind I was looking for 8mins with sets of 2 the whole way. Maybe next time. I took 1min 3secs off my last time, so can't complain about that

Scotty.A said...

Whoo, just saw Jonnie did 7.16 Rx'd for the MU's!!! That's about half the time he did when you were down!! What a machine, I knew he had in him!!