Saturday, July 4, 2009

Check this out Steve - Solid Nutrition advice

Matt Posted this at CFB and I have been following Byers Blog since Robb Wolf linked to her on his blog.

Solid advice/challenge.


Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

Not a bad site for those starting of paleo and need some solid info on the basics. Theres obviously a bit(lot) more to paleo/low carb or nutrition/biochem' in general than what robb wolf said (yeah, i know he is a biochemist, but you can only get so much info out of him via blog/2 day cert, and he's but 1 man in a sea of info!) but its still got some precise, straight forward shit if you need that kick in the ass to start paleo.
Robb is still supreme for paleo and this a good site for most CF'ers/health concious peaple, dont mean to sound too critical. :)

hows the swiney going!!

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Still running from the nose!

I like the reset concept in the 30 days - I would like to see a bit more Omega 6 awareness based on what we chatted about and less of a fruit push but I can see how that would come across as too nazi!

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

thats right, its a very good starting concept to get into paleo with most of the info you need to start.
few mistakes of starting paleo however is as you said, eating as much fruit as you want, and using nuts, seeds, (she mentions heaps about sunflower seeds and a seed spread she eats by the jar), avo's and the like as your fat source when they are all high polyunsat' n-6's. no mention of other fats anywhere, if peaple are going to start following this and reduce their carbs, then wheres the rest of the calories going to come from, has to be fat, and by that blog it will be the above mentioned ones (or if they dont increase the fat they will starve and fail) which will leave them feeling crapy after a while anyway. low carb will increase insulin sensativity but high n-6 will still lead to inflammation, cv disease, cell damage...

what about sat's?? the body will package and process poly unsat's first and leave sats becuase it knows the poly are the most dangeruous to have lots floating around as we are hot blooded and full of oxygen the PUFA's will be oxdised and start causing damage to artery's, become sticky, etc. = heart disease.
the n-6 issue sound nazi but becomes a big problem over time when you are realying on them as a fat source because you reduced your carb intake, coupled with lots of fruit (liopgenic), NO mention of n-3 at all, then tissue saturation with n-6 occurs very quickly

swiney- take loads of D3, zinc, C, garlic (just use 3-4 fresh bulbs daily or get a supp') and echinacea (pure stuff that makes your tongue tingle when you take it, may not help now if your at the ass end of it though) and reduce carbs (but youre allready doing that, arent you... i know, i know, the pasta tonight.. no, the garlic doesnt balance that out.)

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Thanks mate, it feels like it just might dissappear this week.

I am hoping I am healthy by the weekend so I can attempt to do the games WODs as Rx'd whatever they may be.