Friday, July 17, 2009

Another PB(sort of)!

BFA this morning 63,100(feet held because stomach feels like it has had a chainsaw through it still from 150 GHD sit Ups)and 9:16 massive PB now I am chasing sub 9 and 8:50 to be exact which is the fastest I have ever run that stinking mile and a half.

More running tomorrow and Sunday(for chocks) - watch this space for running overtraining injures :( and Deadlift withdrawl symptoms.


Graeme_M/30/1.78m/100kg said...

in volleys????
either way, thats a awesome run after 150 GHD sit ups in previous much for running like a wallrus???...

Scotty.A said...

Awesome effort mate, sub 9's coming up!!

Scotty.A said...

Some really good comments/ideas on testing here

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Yeah I saw that Scotty - I was going to post but couldn't express myself as well as I would have liked. Basically I would say why not get existing tests that are scientifically validated (ie. Beep Test,1 RM deadlift, max chins in 1 min, Illinois agility test etc.) and fill a hopper with 100 of those bad boys - everyone know what may come out but no one can be sure what will come out. Us sport scientists can then create new tests as required and put them through their paces to see if they are reliable and repeatable. Train Crossfit or whatever other mech you want and see how you go. Problem is that no test is truly without a skill component so some people are going to be advantaged and it would be boring as hell to spectate.

I do like the obs course ideas aswell given that military populations are one of the few that I think would benefit from training crossfit all year round.

I think that the definition of fitness blurs the testing lines somewhat because I would suggest that while hard the stake hammer was not a test of fitness but a test of skill and testing skills may or may not test fitness.

Graeme I ran in my Adizero racing flats because I really wanted a PB!
The Walrus thing is relative - Berry still flogs me, I would have been lapped by Oregan but I am happy with the improvement for sure.

Steve, I almost beat Maj Kyph but that prick nailed me with just under 200 to go :( but if he wasn't there I probably wouldn't have run so hard.

Graeme_M/30/1.78m/100kg said...

i think no matter what test/s are used to prove 'fitness' there will always be conjecture over the out comes and the test used.

The biggest problem with testing would being able to cover a broad variable, but allowing recovery for maximal outputs, but with the Games being run over 2 days maybe, you will not be able to fully test people and there level of 'fitness' in a subjective and competition environment.

By using an obstacle course or even Parkour as a testing medium, skill level will come into it. I can remember back when we'd do the obstacle course for PT, the first few sessions were a mission to get over some of the obstacles, but after a few weeks it became 2nd nature to move across them quite fluidly. So in theory the Mil/LEO would have an advantage if this was put in the mix.

I just figure being content with running a 10:21 for 2.4km weighing around 102kg will do me fine... Running a sub 10min would be nice, but i'm still trying to reason with myself and all i can come up with is, i'd do it because i other reason.....

As for Eldon, he's been triathaloning for as long as i have known him and thats about 15 or so years, so he's a runner from way back.