Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friday 16 Jan 09 - 0HS 3 reps 5 times


Scotty.A said...

Did this one on Thursday, pretty happy with how it went.

First and second set I failed, but I could drop the weight in the gym I was in, so I caught it and re-set straight away and did a full 3 reps

1. 25kgsx3
2. 25kgsx3
3. 30kgsx3
4. 30kgsx3
5. 35kgsx3

Then I had a crack at 40kgs, failed on the first rep, just balance, not weight, but if I tried it a bit sooner I think I could have managed 3 reps, so that's the goal for next time.

I've also never had a crack at anything more then the bar before so I'm a pretty happy camper and was pretty happy with my form and depth :)

It's a bit off putting when you do these in a gym and everyone stop what they are doing to watch!!

Scotty.A said...

could drop the weight = couldn't drop the weight

Brett_M/29/181cm/85kg said...

Nice work mate, I hope to post around 40kgish too.

Scotty.A said...

Sent you an email mate if you could take a look? Sent it to your hot mail account and jcu account, not sure which your using.

Cheers :)

Fi said...

Brett im going to do this on at The Box around midday , if you want to come and play either with the OHS or work on other stuff if you have plans to do it latter. I cann't make brock street in the arvo. I have PT's at The Box 8-12, then LG at Area Pool 2-6pm.
SMS me and let me know either way

Scotty.A said...

Thanks for the email Brett :)

I did a Fran today, went to the gym intending on doing 10 thrusters/10chins, as many rounds in 20min. Got there and thought, bugger it. Finished 21 thrusters in 1.41, thought that was good going, finished 15 thrusters in 4.33 and thought sh*t, Steve would be finished now!! Total workout, 9.12, a new PB!! Pretty happy, was hoping for 8.30ish, more effort required. Forgot to look at my times after the chins, to busy getting back to the rack. I think my wrists hurt the most, might have to try some strapping or perhaps having a big drink of hardenup before the workout :)

Brett_M/30/181cm/92kg said...

AS I said on CFNQ mate good job - if I can drop 40 secs off my PB like you did I will be heading toward Steve town! Well at least my time would say 5: something.

Scotty.A said...

Thanks mate, I think I can go faster, I was still standing at the end.

Nice work on the OHS, an extra 10-15kgs on what you were hoping!!

Scotty.A said...

I did a Lynne today, Saturday

10/10, 6/9, 6/8, 6/10, 6/8

Brett_M/30/181cm/92kg said...

Body weight Bench Scott or scaled?

Scotty.A said...