Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday 22 Jan Rest

I think this is how Chris did his leg.


Scotty.A said...


Fi said...

I didn't know Feloff A'Balcony was an MMA fighter, Man im out of the Loop. :P

Speedy recovery chris. YOu are going to get so good at Pistols and pullups it will be scarey.

Scotty.A said...

Friday 23rd Jan 2009

EVA - 56.44!!!!

I came so close to stopping so many times. Eva threw everything she had at me, even rain and a bit of a storm...but she didn't stop me :)

1st round - 8.56
2nd round - 19.23
3rd round - 30.something
4th round - 42.something
5th round - 56.44

800m run
24kg swings
Chins with rings

Brett_M/30/181cm/92kg said...

Nice work mat you got her at last.

Chris said...

I just got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon guys(Fri 23/01/09). My abs keep on cramping from using them to move my left leg in the cast(especially in and out of bed). My upper body is going to be so strong after using it to get me out and about.

Hope to be back at the Box within a couple of weeks. Yes subs will be in order but that's fine. Btw Fi my left knee should be fixed so I'll be able to do squats and pistols like a champion after my op.

I go back to the hospital next Thursday so is if I can go ahead with the op. I'll keep you guys posted :D Until then I'll be watching the blogs closely guys. Keep up the hard work