Monday, January 26, 2009

Tuesday 27 Jan 08 - Thrash 'X'

Today's WOD 10 Rounds of: 10 Deadlift (60kg) 10 Push ups for time.

Brett 8:59


Scotty.A said...

Ooohhh!! I see your challenge...but I can't do it tomorrow :(

I'm off to Brissy tomorrow (and Wednesday), a couple of job interviews :) and scouting out a few places to live. Hopefully I'll be living down there at the end of this week, start of next and have some PT work :) I'll keep you posted!

I'll try and get to this one...maybe Thursday, depending on how things workout.

Just about to have a crack at 5 rounds of:
20 chins
30 push ups
40 sit ups
50 squats
3mins rest in between each round

Scotty.A said...

44.43 for a total time, I didn't have anything to record each round in between the 3min rest

Brett_M/30/181cm/92kg said...

Nice work mate on Barbara.

I will give the 'X' thrash a go tomorrow morning so you have a time to chase :)

Chris said...

Best of luck Scott with the Job and Home hunt down in BNE. Sounds like you don't need it though. You've got it all under control :)

Brett_M/30/181cm/92kg said...

8:59 Pretty hard sesh.

Scotty.A said...

Thanks Chris :)

8.59!!! How am I going to beat that!!

So I got the job...just need somewhere to live now. Back in Bundy to get some gear and start on Friday, so tic toc, tic toc!!

I was a bit disappointed thou, one of the first thing the guy said to me in the interview was, "no dead lifts, they are dangerous, and the small gains to be had aren't worth the risk"

Brett_M/30/181cm/89kg said...

Hmm sounds like a Wanker! Nah just un educated. Besides this is how you get around it:
Precribe Reverse or Alternate Barbell Curls for your client(bear with me) rack the bar at somewhere between 20 and 30 cm from the ground get them to pick it up safely(he would be all for that) then once it is up decide that it is too much weight so they have to lower it safely, but then you think- nah that weight will be ok for you so they again take it up ... but you are not sure so down they come. Once more point of indecision and boom there is you first set of 3. :)

I am sure you will bring him round eventually.

8:59 just don't stop moving

Scotty.A said...

Hahhaa, I like it :)

I see Matt has classes at midday, I doubt I'll have clients then so I'll be hooking into some of that action :D

Scotty.A said...

Just watched your quick video (now I have my own net again and don't have to watch the download, my old man only has 600m *rollseyes*) great form, you made it look pretty easy, I think I'll struggle with this one, under 10min would be good

Scotty.A said...

Does my photo work?

Brett_M/30/181cm/89kg said...

Everyone loves that well behaved avatar of yours.

Might I say that that is a manly dog. I love how you butch it right up and carry him around in a little camouflage bag.

Scotty.A said...

Oooohhh, don't pick on the poor little fella...or I'll sick him on ya :D