Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wed morning Annie rematch

I towelled Errica up with my 10min Annie, So we did a WOD of my own design this morning:

5 rounds of 10 Vertical Jump to target(approx 90% of max vert jump) and 10 Knees to Elbow.

Before that we did max effort standing broad jumps: Reek nailed 170cm I got 245cm.

So I am semi shattered and she says - I want to do Annie again!

Anyway she beat me 10:12 or something to my 14:50 I could not string 2 DU together for ages.

Good Morning though.

2K row tomorrow :(

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Scotty.A said...

Hey mate, hope you and Fi have a great weekend in Sydney. Pretty jealous I won't be there. What an awesome display it will be, all the animals from around OZ tearing it up!! And two guys and gals getting to represent in the States!! effing awesome!!

Have fun guys :)