Monday, April 20, 2009

Catch up blog

Saturday did Danny WOD off main page - just got 2 rounds in! but I was sore as and used ring pull ups(read excuses!)

Sunday Rest - but did 3 100m sprints and managed 14:18,14:38 and 14:08 seconds

This morning 100 inverted burpees for time - 22:45 took a while to get into a groove.


Steve__m/25/171cm/73kg said...

rest must have done good..
30 x 24 inche box jump (bench on front patio step)
20 x 52.5kg push press
30 pull ups
AMRAP 20 min
= 3 rnds + 30 jump + 20 PP

Good job on the inverted burpees, were they kipping or mix of rolling and kip?
will give this one a crack tomorrow.

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

All rolling - I could have gone faster if only kicked up with my right leg but I wanted to keep it even. Would have looked heaps funny when I was kicking up with my left leg - UNCO!

Fi said...

14+in for 100m??? I know you say your a slow runner but. Did you mean 1000m

Steve__m/25/171cm/73kg said...

inverted burpee's, strange...
14:41, though depends on how you finshed the rep, ie. lie completetly flat on the ground everytime? i simply rolled right back, then rolled to full standing, open hips, then handstand

in tonight brett?, open pt lesson for the Bn at the gym, or plan b using our pt stuff from the conex if you cant make it

oh yeah you guys need your own agent at the fforde house, now im seeing erica's picture everywhere around town and brett's ad is getting a second re-run on tv...

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

14seconds Fi!

Yeah I am in Steve.

I will come and get the key soon.

Good time for the inverted burpee WOD did you alternate sides?