Friday, April 24, 2009

Heavy Dead Singles

Managed to nail 150 three times - absolute gut buster efforts but I was pretty happy with my form.

Alright Steve 50s at mine tomorrow!


Scotty.A said...

Whoo, 150 mate!! Awesome effort!

Fi said...
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Fi said...

Nice work brett, hows the back??
What time you guys hitting the 50. Did youwant to come rounds and do it at the box, and play in the new bars as well. It Looks like im working tomorrow now :( So I will be going to Dawn Service then hitting the box to do a WOD (I rested today) before heading to the RAAF base at 10:30

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

we are at maggie this morning then? who knows but I will see what time we get back.