Sunday, June 28, 2009

Helen's Twin - Carol

I wanted a name for Helen's Sister and found these twin British Divers Helen and Carol Galash.

So the Helen's sister WOD should be Carol(or at least it is in my book). If there is another Carol then this one would be Carol the twin.

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Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

We started out with 1 RM back squat - 115,

Then did a variant of Carol -
15 Swings,8 HSPU,400m Run,15 Swings,8 HSPU,400m Run,15 Swings,8 HSPU,400m Run,15 Swings,8 HSPU.

I tried to conserve the total work but my maths was off - should have been 9 HSPU. Wrecked me anyway 16:10 coz I suck at HSPU and running.

Then waited 10 minutes before hitting good old Helen Rx'd in 11:55 only 45 seconds off a PB.

I felt a bit Flat but Paleo seems to be pulling me through.