Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Weekend

Wow what a weekend, went to Brissy for work.

Went to CFB on Fri nite and did 30MU for time(PB 8:11), got to catch up with Scotty A(PB'd his first 30 10:53), check out the CFB gym(which is awesome) and meet up with Danny and the cool people at CFB.

Then worked flat out for two days on the Army Self Defence Course but had plenty of time to pick Berry's brain about nutrition leading me to the following conclusions:

Paleo is King!
Fruit is not all it is cracked up to be,
Omega 6 Fats shout be avoided/eaten sparingly,
The nightshades (Tomato,Capsicum,Eggplant and Potato) should also be treated with caution and I am going to experiment with dropping them out of my diet for a while.
Artificial Sweeteners are the devil.
High Fat High Protein rocks the house if you can keep the Carbs Low GI!

Nath I did 14 HSPU on Thursday but I have been slack lately - The challenge is definetly helping me string them together.

Back on Program tommorrow.


Scotty.A said...

Great to catch up with you mate. Shame we didn't have more time.

Cheers for nutrition advice as well

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Berry is the bomb for chatting nutrition with. As I said to reek, I want to know that when I am not cheating that I am on the money, I don't want to be kidding myself that what I am eating is solid nutrition when it is actually crap.

When I cheat though - I know what I am doing is wrong for my body but good for my mind :)

Steve_m/26/171cm/72kg said...

Great points brett

and remember:

Just because the entire normal population is taking crack does'nt mean thats not the reason most of them are crazy (or dead).

balancing omega 3 with fish oil will only go so far, if your omega 6 intake is to high (above 4% calories) outcompeting it for tissue saturation is hard work. omega 6 is all vege oils, procesed foods, mayo/dressings, and NUTS, so limit your intake.

THERE ARE NO BAD FATS, they were all made by mother nature (evolution) as an intergral part of our biochemistry and our body knows what to do with them, we have been eating them for a long time (read: 2.5 million years). except for those damn grain/seed oils of course.

now, pass me the bacon and lard....

Scotty.A said...

Hey guys, CFB has another cert 1 in Oct. Check out the brissy site for more info.

It looks like the week after I'm meant to be back in the ADF. Do'h!!! Miss out on another one!!

Jonnie said...

Great to have you up here mate. I want my 30 muscle ups for time at least haved by the next time I am up there or you down here. Kinda stuffed my shoulder, its giving me a bit of grief. Might have to rest it for a few days. Gonna check out the Crossfit Townsville wedsite about now. Take care Brett.

Jonnie CFB