Saturday, June 6, 2009

Erin & Power

At CF NQ I did:

'Erin' 15kg DBs (15 Split Cleans,21 Pull Ups) 5 rounds


Power Output
143.96 watts
from Catalyst Athletics Power calculator(subbing cleans for split cleans)

Interestingly if I had done the same workout with only 15 heaves per set I would have had to finish in 12:18 to achieve the same power.

Could I shave a full 95 seconds off that time? Definetely a test I will do as soon as my palm tear heals.

Quite possibly given my 21s looked something like this:
1st - 15,6
2nd - 7,5,5,4
3rd - 7,5,5,4
4th - 8,7,6
5th - 5,5,6,5

with a little walk in between each pull up set.

Food for though which workout is better?

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