Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day two of the new prog

Warmed up with 3x 800m - last one was 3:18, goal is consistant 3s

1 RM Press and PP I got 70kg strict and 82.5kg PP

Then did a grace at 40kg in 2:48 awesome finally achieving this level of intensity, all it took was to discard the ego on Metcons.

I have to sneak in some HSPUs today 12 I think.


Scotty.A said...

Nice work on Grace mate. I think I got a similar time with the same weight, so it would be good to go head to head with a 40kg Grace for time.

I felt bad after it and thought I went to light so I did an Rxd version back at work that afternoon and did it in a around 8-9mins. Massive break down in form though

3x800m for a warm up...ouch, bet you were warm after that!!

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Only the 3rd 800 was hard, we took the first two nice and easy.

The Grace was awesome, I am going to hit it at about 45 next time and sneak up on the 60kg. As Dutch says Metcons are not the place to get strong they are to gas you.

That shit really resonated with me.