Saturday, March 14, 2009

GM - Army sytle

Max Push ups in 2 mins
100 sit ups to 3 sec cadence
1.5 mile run

65,100, 10:19

One less push up than last time but improvement on run by 31 secs, come on sub 10 in the next one!


Scotty.A said...

31sec is a big improvement for a run!! Nice work Brett.

Doing the weight lifting course this weekend. The instructors are awesome. Mike - years of experience, former (1st) Broncos S&C coach, Matt - you know his ability and experience and Amanda - the highest placed female olympic medalist in OZ (6th 2000 games)

2 days is not enough!!! So much to absorb

Brett_M/30/181cm/88kg said...

Same team I had when I did it - they are great.

Enjoy mate.

Graeme_M/29/178cm/101kg(and reducing) said...

Gee's I wish I could do a 10:19 running like a walrus... We'll see on tuesday how well a 14kg lose helps.....