Saturday, March 7, 2009

The berry knocks off another CF milestone

So I convince Steve to let me spot him into the bottom of his dip a few times after the FGB at CFNQ, Then he has a few attempts on his own hands too wide blah blah blah another little spot then on his own gets a 90% MU - raced through it and almost catapulted himself through the straps. A little rest and he sticks his first single then fails while trying to turn it into a double.

I said lets catch on film and then he bashes out 4 like he has been doing them forever!

Great Job mate.


Steve__m/25/171cm/73kg said...

first muscle up, wahoo stocked with that, thanks for the "spot" brett..

good to go for sunday morning, might get there just after 7 cause wheve got plans sunday morn so i'll need to be gone around 830-9, that work for you??

Brett_M/30/181cm/88kg said...

Yeah I will txt Matt and tell him we will kick off a little early.

Watch that vid a few times man you will be kicking yourself for not doing MU before - you make them look easy!

Scotty.A said...

Nice work Steve!! I can't wait for the day I can do one

Steve__m/25/171cm/73kg said...

this deserves an uppercut i know, but im going to have to bail on you now for tomorrow morning.
kylie has some things earlier things planned that was sprung on me now, so will have to make it another time.
sorry mate

Fi said...

Brett do you have any picks of the Wo for the cfnq blog, email them to me