Saturday, May 2, 2009

Volleys Rock!

I am officially a mad supporter of Dunlop Volleys as a workout and short sprint shoe!

In other news: this morning at CFNQ we did lizzy and I scaled dips with a yellow band and used only 50kg and got a time of 9:36ish which I think is pretty much what we are shooting for(a bit faster would be better 4-8 mins. I probably wont scale further but will be looking to work into the sub 8 range before I step the weights back up!

Scaling is our friend - Ego is my Enemy!

Oh and Volleys are our friends too. :)

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Graeme_M/29/1.78m/100kg said...

not 100% convinced about the Volley as being a 'running shoe' but definately 100% onboard with Ego being the enemy... Mine gets me ass whooped all the time, sometime so not ready to be rx'ing...