Friday, May 29, 2009

The challenges of the Aimes!

I did Heavy Deads yesterday and got 5 reps at 130!

I was going to rest but now i might head over to the lab and have a crack at 1000m row and 60kg BP for reps. Stay tuned...


Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

1000m row ....3:22! Oh the hurting, I could not breath for 15 seconds and then I was bringing up the evilest stuff from the back of my throat, probably swine flu trying to escape

70% of BW Bench (86x 0.7= 60.2)

60kg 31 times!

Those challenges played into my strengths, makes an interesting point about prescribing based on BW instead of 1,3 or 5 RM.

Scotty.A said...

Holy crap, awesome time and awesome bench!!

My boss does the row in 3:12!! Pretty fast, but he refused to do the bench challenge and he can't squat to save himself. He just keeps saying "but I can row fast" lol.

I'm keen to have another crack at the bench with a spotter so I can go to failure.

You happy with your bench effort? I'm stoked with mine considering I haven't benched for about 3 months. Crossfit works eh :)

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Definetly happy, but I benched just the other day. The big plus for me was getting 5 at 100kg after not benching for at least a year.

3:12 is quick! good at all distances or a one trick pony?

I am off to the box!

Oh and berry awesome barbara time lets see if your leaning out helps the 30 MU time today?