Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Push Up

Someone on the CFNQ blog posed the problem that we cant use bands for push ups(and while we can, it is logistically unlikely that we would)after having experienced excellent gains using the band progressions on his pull ups. The best way to achieve perfect push ups I know of is to elevate the hands to a point where a perfect push up is possible, this can be done with a box jump box, a Reebok step, parralettes or rings(but it is debatable about at what point this is easier).

I think getting better at push ups is a multi part process;

Step one: Decide on your definition of a perfect push up. I like to go with body in a straight line and lower till chest touches the same level as the hands. Be careful with definitions that include nose to the floor as this can lead to chicken pecking push ups where your face is forward via the neck but you are not really low enough.

Also be careful of definitions that put the bottom position with only the hips touching the ground as this usually ends up with some ugly variants.

Step two: Get some volume. We play with 5 every time you get home or 5 every time you pass the setup that you are using for push ups or what ever you wish. Perhaps you use your push up progression as a 'Buy in' before every workout or second workout. If the Workout has push ups in it use an easier variant to get your intensity until you have the push up of your dreams consistently.

Step Three: Progress. After you have mastered push ups on the box remember that there are at least 10 steps you could put in between those and full push ups on the floor, take your time.

Lastly - this applies to any exercise that you want to get better at, as coach tells us get good mechanics, consistantly before applying intensity.

I hope that helps Robin.

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