Sunday, October 11, 2009

Its like a party!

I though I would post to get a few things out in the air about Sunday workouts at my place:

1. If you come it is to do a workout with some cool people chill out and then talk shit(I live for two way discussion on training and exercise - there is no right or wrong only different in my opinion).

2. It is not a structured class - I will decide the WOD but warming up and working weaknesses after is a free for all if you want to try something let me know my toys are there to be played with.

3. Most importantly don't spoil the fun of it for anyone else, it is not a structured class, crew may cheat - hang shit on them if you think you can do it in a friendly way, or help them out if they ask you to.

So basically there are no trainers/trainees everyone just turns up and has a crack - for FUN :)

These are my rules, not previously laid down so now it is done.

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

it's like a party were we all make our muscles sore and our hands bleed, yahoo