Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crossfit Crew experiment

Today I did the 4th WOD as per Crossfit Crew's programming this is the start of a month long trial that I am confident I will enjoy for a number of reasons:

1. It is awesome to not do your own programming! I just log on find out the WOD and worry about where I am going to fit it into my busy day. This could be achieved by following .com too but I like crew's programming for the reasons below.
2. Ross Blake is really into his programming - I met him and he is passionate about making his program get the most for his athletes. This guys was a professional Triathlete for a number of years so has heaps of cred in my opinion.
3.He is inspired by OPTs programming which I always admired but never felt comfortable following.
4.Rosko's program seeks intensity as defined by time taken(average power), unbroken sets(periods of high power output followed by rest - interval training)and uses some proven strength and conditioning concepts like linear progression in strength an O lifts as well as Tempo training and super sets.
5.Unlike .com I like that the programmer is going to read the results I post to comments and be able to critique the WOD I did.

Check out Rosko's great WODs here. and reading them in conjunction with OPTs FAQ may help.


Matthew said...

A few questions relating to Steve's fish oil post:

Are all fish oils created equal, or do some contain a tonne of additives? What are we looking for when choosing what brand to use?

And are there any effects of taking fish oil that a person will notice themselves? Are the effects that significant?

MickB said...

I've also got a question regarding fish oil. Is fish oil suitable to give to children (15months) is there any benefit or am I just better off feeding him fish (he loves it, thankfully).


Mick B

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Hi guys, steve is away at the moment but I know he will be able to answer both these q's upon his return. Matt - the main reason I take fish oil is for long term health benefits and this is widely supported by research but I am not sure of any acute effects.

Mick, I know Kelly Starret gives his kids Fish oil and I would be surpised if Steves little girl isn't downing a bit too.

Stay tuned and thanks for your questions.

MickB said...

Thanks Brett, I should also mention that his mum takes fish oil and the boy still has 3 breastfeeds a day.

robin said...

I have a question about fish oil too. I take Flaxseed oil, mainly for 2 reasons : it doesnt repeat on me (that fishy after taste) and its a higher ratio/better balance for ALL the Omega fatty acids, 3,6 and 9 not just Omega 3. Does it make that much diference or is it just a personal preference? Because I definately prefer the Flaxseeds.

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Where is Steve when I need him most?
The Flax seed vs fish oil debate is probably best answered with the classic more is not always better reply. more n6 fatty acids are not the reason we supplement we supplement to bring the balance of 3s and 6s back to a healthier number and generally the diet is deficient 3 hence the fish oil supplementation.

Steve will save us all soon.