Monday, December 14, 2009

Sun/Mon WOD

Sun Crew

5 rounds
200m Run
12 Thrusters 50kg
12 Pull Ups C2B

Mon Crew

5 rounds
200m Run
12 DB Thrusters 10kg/7.5kg
9 Pull ups

10 - 15min range.


Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

Im still hurting from that WOD.

Hey I need my rings back before saterday so I can take them, need to come around and grab them.

oh yeah, im usually asleep still at 5am...

Chris said...

I would like to say that should get a medal for turning up 6am Monday Morning with the weekend I had.

I believe that I'm getting good results between this training regime and dropping the heavy carb foods from my diet (breads, rice, potatoes etc). It's kind of a shame to go off to Mackay for Wed-Fri for work (but not really).

robin said...

Hey Steve,

Have you got time for answer another question before you go? Just a quick one about the best PRE-workout meal/snack/few bites of something before a wod?

I always have a cup of tea (I'm up at 4.30/5am) and usually some fruit ie few grapes, strawberries, mango or melon or 1/3rd of a protein bar or a bit of steak or meat of some sort (left over from the night before). I just go a bit on what the body is telling me it wants. Sometimes I'll have another cuppa on the drive in and a few almonds or similar which I always keep in the car.

I find if I dont eat a little something, I'm lacking in energy and don't move as well. I need to really work on moving and warming up slowly especially the first 15 mins or so. I have NEVER been sick or even felt like being sick during or after a wod (thats what they call Pukie?).

Does that mean I'm not working hard enough or I have the Pre- workout Snack balanced right?

Also I was wondering how many people would be interested if you were to do a "Zone/Healthy Eating/Best Nutrition For Sport Talk" one day? (That's if you would like to)

Maybe after the Festive Season!

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

Steve I will drop them around to you Fri if that is OK.

Good idea Robin lets make Steve work harder :) He loves it.

Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

cool brett, i'll be here

Robin, i'm on it...