Friday, November 6, 2009

Sunday session at my place on Sunday -

we will do something from the recent daysof crossfit crew


Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

3 PM at mine depends on who shows but maybe OHS for some strength work and then the .com WOD

AMRAP in 20 12 Pwr Snatch and 10 Push Up.

robin said...

I have a question for Steve about Protein Drinks. Check Yesterdays CFNQ blog about the question:GROK didn't take supplements so why should we? (We being followers of the Primal/Paleo/Zone Thinking for Eating)

(Brett, you said to keep him busy)

Matthew said...

I have a question for Steve too.

Assuming we eat paleo foods, what effects can portion size and meal frequency have?

Specifically, is being in a regular state of ketosis beneficial?

And how does it compare to consuming excess calories (albeit still paleo foods)?

Would your recommendations on the issue change depending on whether the person is sedentry, active or a full-time athlete?

Anonymous said...

Hey brett how's your injury coming along?

Re: your ring complex question..

I had most people do the ring complex as a self spotted arrangement similar to how tucker teaches the muscle up on most cfj vids..

A few of us were able to transmission into the false grip from a hanging position without coming off the rings after the skin the cat but it was clumsy at best..Something to work on as i've seen gymnasts do it at the AIS in the past..and looked smooth..

How are your running drills going?