Monday, November 30, 2009

Brock Street’s Back Alright!!(sung to Backstreet boys tune)

Brock St is officially open for business here is the scoop –

Cost: $10 per person per session

Payment via cash into an honesty box (keep track of yourself) located in the garage.
First month is free! If you don’t like it after a month then vote with your feet but please give me a month.
Talk to me on this, I would rather people were training than missing a day because of cash issues.

FYI Cost is to cover the following costs:

Insurance, registration and continuing education
CrossFit Affiliation (as soon as income justifies it)
Another Rower and GHD

Service: Small group sessions of no more than 5 people. I will try to put similarly advance individuals in with each other.
I may train in with the group depending on the level of supervision required, the size of the group and the equipment required. My workout will be second to the delivery of the service – I promise.
I will film the group and may post images or footage on my blog. YOU must let me know if you are not cool with this so I can avoid posting you.

Disclosure: Let me know at every session what injuries you have especially if they are new. Initially I will need to know about old injuries too but I will eventually get to know you and your limitations.

I am able to work around your injuries provided I know about them.

Method: I am a massive fan of the concept of “Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity”
To that end you may have to work out with nothing more than a broomstick until your mechanics are consistently good – then we will add intensity via weight and speed.

I want to increase your work capacity and make you fitter. Please don’t expect me to use body fat scales or do bicep curls. With increases in fitness the body composition issues will sort themselves out as you get fitter – trust me.

Every weekday session will be an individualised training stimulus session while weekend sessions are a chance to compete either at CFNQ on a Saturday morning or at BSF on Sunday.

Brock St on Sundays: Nothing Changes – it is free but the honesty box will be out if anyone wants to donate 5 – 10 dollars they are welcome. Essentially I want people to come and have a fun hit out against likeminded crew.

Quality Control: Let me know if you don’t like something, please. I am keen to discuss anything about the way that I train you eg. “Stop teasing me about my haircut”, “Get some more bumpers” “The warm up is boring” I need to know what is going on in your head. Please check out and chat on the blog it will help keep you connected with what is happening under the house. Steve Berry of Primal Plate posts there so there are some great nutrition articles and he is a great resource.

My Commitment: Basically while I am committed to getting anyone who trains with me results I am also a full time employee at the university. Sessions will for the most part be early morning and late afternoon/evening. Ideally when this bad boy takes off it will be a full time gig and we will all have a gym to play in all day every day.

If all of the above is to your liking I look forward to receiving emails and phone calls to organise training times please pass this info on to anyone who may be interested.

Brett Fforde


Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

Nice one Brett!!
you need to get some business cards or something to hand out.

Scotty.A said...

Awesome mate, good luck with it all!!

Chris said...

Go with the business card idea Brett. I'd hand them out.