Friday, November 13, 2009

Been busy & new direction

I have been flat out with 2nd work at the moment but I am officially half way!!

I can't wait for December as Brock St will look to grow members at a rate of one per month. December is covered and is the pilot month all things going to plan we will have 2 enrolled in Jan.

Slow and steady...

Stay tuned for more info.


Scotty.A said...

Hey mate, 3.5 weeks to go!! I can't believe they haven't fast tracked me thought this shit!! Lots of amusing stories to tell so I'll shoot you an email when I get a chance.

I'm looking at remusting to Movements (aircraft refueling etc,) as the old knees can't take the lepoard crawling like they use to, and perhaps a posting back to Townsville, so put me down to sign up as an old/new memeber of BST. Can wait to get back into training and crossfit. I've lost 7.5kgs since I've been here and feel as weak as kitten (so normal for me?)

Anyway mate, I'll be back in Brissy around the 12th Dec and start back at work around the 15 Jan (not bad eh, work for 9.5weeks and get 1 month off, good ol ADF)

Talk soon

Brett_M/30/181cm/84kg said...

There is always a spot here for you mate. Stick at it 3 weeks isn't too long.

I look forward to the email.

We did a filthy 50 here today and it axed me Berry took it out injured and all :( what a show off.

Dec should be good stay tuned.

Patrick said...