Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My programming

I am programming for CrossFit Townsville at the moment daily WODs, without a comment option, can be seen here:

Post comments to here about any of the WODs.


Steve_M/26/171cm/72kg said...

Brett! programing looks awsome mate, smart, structured and fun.
CF-T is going to rock

Looking a locking in my launching seminar for primal plate on either the 23 or 24 Jan at 1900. Figured more peaple will come on a week night. Would like all yours and dans client to come along if possible. being exposed to crossfit some may already have an idea of this stuff.
Will be a bit of a gary taubes/robb wolf/cholesterol theory/paleo combo (too much??)
any way we will do a dry run through next week or week after some time to square it away.
Brad gave me a call and im doing one for sparten 12-week challange group next week, so quickly trying to make a shorter slightly dumber version for that.

robin said...

Do you mean 23/24 feb Steve?

Yes, the programming is great Brett. Hard work but kind of rewarding (in a it doesnt have to fun to be fun crossfit way)

Like deadlifting 5kg heavier than at the Rockhard Games in the 5 round deadlift/burpee wod

and achieving all the handstand holds, even 60secs yesterday :)

Today going from the rower to wallball shots really sucked first round, my legs and arms wouldn't work, but the 2nd round, I managed much better.

Chris said...

I think you're doing a good job from a lay-man's POV. It's a fun group there.

robin said...

What are Renegrade Rows?

glen_mcfarlane said...

just lets us know when and where, and I'll be there.

Chris said...

Steve, I'm definitely interested in coming along to your seminar. Count me in.